Identity & Access Governance

Helsana relies on an identity management solution of SKyPRO

We advise you to use automated solutions to enforce your security guidelines instead of acting on individual problems. We know that once you found an issue, many times it is already too late.

SKyPRO’s solutions in the areas of identity & access governance, privileged account management, secure access and risk & compliance management are well established and served multiple customers over many years. Using our experience in these fields we will find a solution that fits your needs.


Identity & Access Governance

Your fear about potential security threats through a high number of end-users is fully justified. Fortunately, the allocation of access rights for data information and critical applications do not have to be a risk for your business.

With over 25 years of experiences, SKyPRO AG consults, designs and implements innovative identity governance and administration solutions in banking, insurance, industry and administrations.

We elaborate and implement Identity Lifecycle processes to manage identities and their permissions on all relevant IT systems and applications within the enterprise and in the cloud. This includes the administration of an identity life cycle, which creates, maintains and ends an identity as needed, as well as controls all authorization requests, including approval, recertification, risk assessment and separation of duties.

Our solutions include the automatic provisioning of user accounts across heterogeneous systems, the authorization of requests, including self-service and the management of user rights via workflows to enforce policies and to implement recertification. We offer help with role management, role modeling, risk analysis and reporting to meet your compliance requirements. Regardless of the systems and applications that are already part of your security and identity infrastructure, you can use our solutions to control and track access to your valuable data resources.


Secure Access

There is nothing more dangerous than a professional hacker - except perhaps an angry employee. That is why you should protect your systems from external and internal attacks. With our security management solutions, you actively provide more safety within your company.

Hackers and scammers have never been as well organized, motivated and aggressive as they are today. More and more attacks are associated with organized crime and economic interests are increasingly the reason for theft of confidential data. In addition, there are also serious threats that originate from within the company. Whether the threat comes from an angry ex-employee, a current employee with extortionate intentions, or simply from a careless insider - the protection against internal and external threats is extremely difficult. This is where we come into play.

Security management is to some extent the central nervous system of an optimal security solution: safety data from all areas of your company is gathered, so that you have a clear overview of past events, the current status and potential future weak spots. In this process a powerful event log management and an extremely robust, scalable and well-engineered SIEM solution is applied, which has already proven itself in some of the world's largest corporations.


Compliance Management

Do you meet regulatory compliance regulations? Don’t be afraid, It is easier than you think.

With our compliance management solutions you ensure, that internal policies and external regulations are implemented, maintained and compliance can be verified. Our unique approach combines identity, access and security management solutions, in a way that you always know exactly who accesses at what time which application and if that user is authorized. Our approach links people, processes and policies together in a unique way, enables effective risk management and eliminates costly and time-consuming compliance tasks.

With our compliance management solutions, security risks and compliance violations are detected in real-time. For you this means that you can resolve internal problems before they have an effect externally.

Our compliance management solutions include the following functions:

  • Compliance Automation and Validation
  • Access Control
  • Security and Vulnerability Management

We ensure secure access by trusted users, allowing you a comprehensive real-time insight into network and user operations.

The result: You can immediately react to potential threats and constrain regulatory compliance when needed.

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