Reliable implementation

For the implementation we have experienced project managers and system engineers

In the implementation phase, we build the solution in accordance to the requirements and functions specified in the design.

The implementation phase is in some sense a manufacturing process in which the emphasis is on the management of resources and the control of processes - with the goal of maintaining and optimizing costs, schedules and quality. Key activities of this phase include project management, the setup, configuration and individual development of your solution followed by appropriate integration testing and implementation in a productive environment.


Project management

Professional project management is a requirement for the realization of complex IT projects. External and internal resources have to be coordinated. Appointments must be respected. Costs need to be monitored. Intense tests are needed to check whether the defined specifications in the design are met. Here you can benefit from our experience and proven methods of countless projects.


The planning and provisioning of the necessary resources both on the part of the service provider as well as on the part of internal employees are key factors for the timely implementation of a project. If not enough resources are available or technical requirements are not met, project delays are predefined.


During the implementation phase, our system engineers and developers create the solution in accordance with the conditions specified in the design work. The implementation phase is in some sense a manufacturing process in which the emphasis is on the development of an individual solution. Key activities of this phase include building, configuring and customized development of your solution and the corresponding integration tests.

Go live

After implementing your solution, we support you in acceptance testing and deployment of the solution in the desired production environment. This phase also includes the activation of support processes and resources that the customer makes use of after implementation. Key activities of this phase include comprehensive acceptance testing, providing the solution, the agreement on continuing support services and the mediation of necessary knowledge to your staff. We are happy to assist you in operating your solution.

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