FaxGwise integrates fax into your familiar collaboration environment


FaxGwise is an application package to send, receive and manage faxes with GroupWise, Exchange or Gmail.

FaxGwise is a specially centralized fax solution (client and server), which ensures the security and control of your documents. It is a cost-effective solution for all companies that send or receive faxes from their environment Exchange, GroupWise, or Gmail.

The fax is done in fully integrated form, with the aid of a new document type "fax". The fax extensions fully appear in the "look and feel" of GroupWise, Exchange or Gmail.

After calling the method "new fax" the receiver can be entered directly or selected from the GroupWise, Exchange or Gmail address book. Subject line, short text, etc. are automatically adopted in customizable fax forms (eg per department). All attachments are converted to fax format and sent along with the template.


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