Cisco CUCM

Reduce the administrative effort and increase the security of your Cisco telephony solution

The integration module for Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM) creates and automatically synchronizes users with your Cisco telephony solution. Enjoy the benefits of accurate person information in CUCM system and up to date phone numbers in your directory.

Save administrative costs. The integration module uses the AXL SOAP interface, which is an integrated part of the CUCM. It provides a very flexible and customizable interface for the data exchange.

New users are created automatically in the CUCM. As soon as phone devices are assigned to users in CUCM, the users receives valid phone numbers. Those numbers are synchronized with your directory. Multiple assignments of phone devices to users is completely supported. Users can have as many phone device and phone numbers as needed. User modifications in the directory will be tracked and synchronized to CUCM.

The integration module provides a variety of freely configurable parameters. Thus, e.g. the user container to be synchronized can be freely defined or the behaviour when you delete or disable a user are determined. The driver has a modular design and can be extended to any functions of the AXL SOAP interface.


New users are automatically created within the CUCM and phone numbers assignments are synchronized immediately back to the central directory. Phone numbers of your employees are always up to date.

  • Automatic creation and synchronization of user data
  • Automatic synchronization of phone numbers
  • Constantly updated internal phone book
  • Constantly updated user information on your VoIP devices

Changes of user information in the central directory are tracked and synchronized immediately in CUCM.

  • Support for multiple phone devices per user
  • Reduction in administrative costs of your telephone system
  • Elimination of redundant or incorrect telephone or personal data
  • Ensuring business policies for your telephone solution
  • Traceability thanks to individual approval processes


  • 3.5.1
    or higher
    Identity Manager
  • 3.5
    or higher
    Identity Manager SOAP Driver
  • 6.0
    or higher
    Cisco CUCM


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